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Eagle Cost Calculator
Every Mile Costs You Money

Know how much you need to earn to keep running.


If you’re not making enough to cover the cost of every mile and earn a little income, then you won’t succeed. By diligently tracking your cost per mile, you’ll know exactly which rates you can afford to accept and where to cut costs.


Eagle’s cost calculator can help. Simply enter your fixed costs— either the total annual cost or the monthly bill—in the fields below. Then enter your variable costs. Skip any items that don’t apply to your business. On the last page, note what kind of income you need to pay yourself and anyone else. We’ll generate a detailed report you can print, file away, or post where you need it most.


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Enter Your Fixed Costs

Total Miles Driven Annually
— Annual Costs — — Monthly Costs —
Truck Payment
Trailer Payment
Collision/Comp Insur.
Bobtail Insur.
Cargo Insur.
Health Insur.
Accounting Svcs
Return on Investment
Total Fixed Costs: Annual Fixed Costs Monthly Fixed Costs

Enter Your Variable Costs

— Annual Costs — — Monthly Costs —
Tractor Fuel
Reefer Fuel
Tractor/Trailer Tires
Truck Wash
Loading/Unloading Charges
Legal Fees
Cargo Claims
Scale Fees
Workman's Compensation
Taxes(Road, Use, Fuel, Fed)
Miscellaneous Expenses
Total Variable Costs: Annual Variable Costs Monthly Variable Costs

View Your Total Costs

  — Annually — — Monthly —
Total Vehicle Costs 0 0
Driver's Income
— Annual Costs — — Monthly Costs — — Cents Per Mile —
Total Cost of Operation: 0 0 0
Total Miles Driven Annually 0
— Annual Costs — — Monthly Costs — — Cents Per Mile —
Fixed Costs 
Truck Payment 0 0 0
Trailer Payment 0 0 0
Collision/Comp Insur. 0 0 0
Bobtail Insur. 0 0 0
Cargo Insur. 0 0 0
Health Insur. 0 0 0
Licenses 0 0 0
Permits 0 0 0
Accounting Svcs 0 0 0
Return on Investment 0 0 0
Total Fixed Costs: Annual Costs Monthly Costs Cents Per Mile
Variable Costs
Tractor Fuel 0 0 0
Reefer Fuel 0 0 0
Tractor/Trailer Tires 0 0 0
Maintenance 0 0 0
Repair 0 0 0
Truck Wash 0 0 0
Telephone 0 0 0
Lodging 0 0 0
Meals 0 0 0
Loading/Unloading Charges 0 0 0
Tolls 0 0 0
Legal Fees 0 0 0
Fines 0 0 0
Cargo Claims 0 0 0
Scale Fees 0 0 0
Workman's Compensation 0 0 0
Taxes (Road, Use, Fuel, Fed) 0 0 0
Miscellaneous Expenses 0 0 0
Total Variable Costs: Annual Costs Monthly Costs Cents Per Mile
Total Vehicle Costs: Annual Costs Monthly Costs Cents Per Mile
Drivers Income: Annual Costs Monthly Costs Cents Per Mile
Total Cost of Operation: Annual Costs Monthly Costs Cents Per Mile
Now You Know

Take a good look at this report. If, after you pay yourself an income, you’re bringing in more than your monthly or annual costs, congratulations! You’re on track to success.

But if you’re cutting it razor-thin, beware. One bad month—or even one bad week—could put you in a cash flow crisis. Eagle Capital can help with an honest factoring service that takes the pressure off by paying you as soon as we receive your invoice.

If you’re bringing in less than your costs, consider renegotiating rates with your customers or cutting costs. Eagle’s factoring service can provide a bridge of cash flow while you get rates under control and give you the breathing room you need to save your business. Go to Eagle to find out more!

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